Medical Services

Medical Services

When you can’t go to experts, experts will come to you!

Worried about getting proper medical services? Worry not! Book for home assistance on iRelief and be sure that you are in safe hands. The emergency medical services app also has facilities to booking medical checkups, online doctor consultations, physiotherapy, lab tests, rental equipment, etc.

Key features of our medical service

Unique Features of Our Medical Services

  • Expert, experienced professionals for all your needs
  • No huge consultation costs and other hidden charges
  • Get reports that are accredited and certified by recognized bodies
  • Complete guidance and consultation for all complications by booking medical appointments online
  • Find ratings and reviews for the “visiting expert”
Homecare medical services
  • Check information about the selected care center or care giver
  • Prompt assistance for all kinds of medical instances
  • No valuable time is wasted and care is provided instantly
  • Get free recommendation and treatment guidance on booking medical checkup
  • Highly professional personnels with a caring persona

Types of medical services

Types of medical services you can book via the iRelief app

Home healthcare medical services

Doctor Consultation

Get specialists such as Cardiologists, Dentists, Gynaecologist, Orthopedic specialists, Oncologists, Neurologists, etc.

We provide expert doctor consultations at home. Book specialists at your convenience with no huge consultation fee.

Homecare physiotherapy treatment from a trained physiotherapist


Choose from different physiotherapy specialists such as Cardiovascular, Geriatric, Pediatric, Neurological, Orthopedic physical therapy, and more.

Get the best physiotherapy sessions provided by expert physiotherapists who are highly skilled and recommended in their field.

A microscope lab test equipment

Lab Test

Avail lab tests like CBC, Pro Time, LFT (Liver function test), Cultures, Different fluids test, CT Scan, MRI scan, etc..

Lab tests are performed by skilled lab professionals with speed and accuracy. We add another feature where the reports are mailed back to the patient, saving unnecessary wastage of time and energy.

Senior caretakers at home

Senior care

Get care facilities for senior patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, arthritis, malnutrition and sensory impairments with the necessary support.

Find professionals who are specifically trained to support your elderly in their empathy.

Doctor with postnatal woman

Postnatal care

Get postnatal care for new mothers. You can also get them for expecting mothers.

We provide practiced professionals with the ability to supervise and provide guidance to new mothers in breastfeeding, changing of the diapers, frequent evaluation of the baby, along with required vaccinations.

home nursing care

Home nursing

Get home nursing care for patients suffering from cognitive diseases (Alzheimer's, dementia, down syndrome, etc.), recouping from a big surgery, undergoing cancer treatments, etc.

Our nurses provide multidimensional care to patients of all ages such as creating preventative and rehabilitation care plans for patients.

Nursin care at home

Home attendant

Get both, male and female attendants who will look after your loved ones when nobody is home.

Find attendants that provide care round the clock, like basic medical care, administering of medication intake as instructed by the doctor, dressing changes and updating health records.