Blood Bank


Get blood for sure, wherever and whenever!

No more running out of options when you need blood from now on. iRelief helps you find all blood components of common and rare blood groups through two of the most effective options available: Blood Banks and Blood Donors. Get blood for sure! Find even the rarest blood groups, or its components, whenever and wherever you need it.

Key Features

Unique Features of Our Blood Bank Services

  • Instant availability of blood via Blood Banks or Blood Donors
  • Find all blood banks within 10km radius around the location you are searching
  • Get whole blood or its respective components such as Plasma, Platelets, etc.
  • No limit defined; avail any number of units that has been prescribed
  • Send blood group requirements to selected blood banks near you or all of them
image showing blood packet
  • Get price estimation (ballpark figure) for the requested blood group/component
  • Get rare blood groups; Find even the most rarest blood groups such as AB- & Bombay
  • Reach out to 100s of volunteer donors around the location you are searching
  • Get blood for free; iRelief does not charge for blood donation services
  • Register yourself as a blood donor and donate blood when others are in need

Types of Blood Services

Types of blood services you can avail through the iRelief app.

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Blood Bank

Get instant access to almost all blood banks near your location. iRelief has collaborated with almost all the blood banks across Karnataka included the most popular one such as Red Cross, and Lions Blood Bank. To get blood via blood banks, simply go to the app and select the "Blood Bank" option. Some features of this option are:

  • Availability/non-availability of blood group
  • Number of units available
  • Price

Please note that "blood is always free (in India)". You will only be charged for the processing services. Also, please remember to carry the prescription along.

a happy person donating blood

Blood Donor

Reach out to voluntary blood donors around your location when you need blood. We have thousands of good-hearted citizens registered with the iRelief app as blood donors. They will be happy to help when you are in need of blood. To get blood from blood donors, simply go to the app and choose the "Blood Donor" option. Some features of this option are:

  • Zero costs involved
  • Volunteers donate blood for free
  • Reach out to more than one volunteer at the same time

If you wish, you can return the favor by registering as a blood donor yourself on the iRelief app and respond to similar requests forwarded to you in the future.