Emergency can strike anytime, anywhere... "But you can always stay prepared with the iRelief app."

Download iRelief, an app that has been thoughtfully designed to evade emergencies and its devastating repercussions when timely help doesn't reach. With this app, you can get the following services anytime, anywhere:

  • Ambulance - ALS, BLS, Air Ambulance, Water Ambulance, Bike Ambulance, etc.
  • Blood - Blood Bank, Blood Donors
  • Medical Services- Doctor consultation, Physiotherapy, Specialists appointment, Natal care, Nursing, Senior care, Lab tests, and more

iRelief is a reliable, user-friendly, and highly responsive app that works more like a caring companion when you want to help yourself, your loved ones, or even strangers, during mishaps.


  • 24/7 Ambulance Booking - Book an ambulance (10 different options available as per emergency and transport type).
  • Instant availability of blood via Blood Banks or Blood Donors - No more running out of options when you need blood from now on. iRelief helps you find all blood components of common and rare blood groups through two of the most effective options available.
  • Medical Services - Have a senior at home or some one who needs instant or scheduled medical attention? Book it easily with the iRelief app.


Accurate location tracking - No more calling ambulance drivers and explaining them your exact location. The mapping system of iRelief app tracks locations on the basis of latitude & longitude.

Free calling - Use the free calling feature of the iRelief app to make calls to ambulance drivers, blood bank operators, homecare service providers, and blood donors. We try to minimize your dependencies and costs as much as possible, when using iRelief.

SOS option - Send SMS alerts with your location, ambulance, and other important details to your saved contacts.

Details of Integrated hospitals and healthcare facilities - The iRelief app shows you list of all the hospitals and healthcare centers that falls on the route your ambulance is headed. You can choose any of them as your drop location. While choosing, you can also view their specialities, normal bed availability, ICU availability, location, working hours, etc.

Customization as per saved personal details - Save your details such as allergies, blood group, family details, address, etc., and the iRelief app will pass the information to the doctor/attendee during emergencies.

Become a blood donor - Sign up as a blood donor and volunteer when others are in urgent need of it. The app will not notify you if have donated blood within the last 3 months.


To Be A Leading Enabler In Emergency and Health Services Globally Through Innovative Technology.


To integrate with the best service providers and facilitate the healthcare services, reach people globally through Innovative Technology and Leadership within the Cost and Time affordability. Ensure dedication and responsibility by adhering to Corporate Values and become a Single Point of Contact in providing Accurate Information of all Services by continuously improving to provide user friendly experience.